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First of all, I am a journalist at heart- I ask many questions, and I love communicating the answers to the world in an uncomplicated way.


I write, produce a podcast, and strategize all things marketing and communication for projects I believe in.


Based in Berlin since 2017, I have been working as a Marketing Strategist for fast-growth tech companies- safe to say that is my sweet spot. I love being part of projects at an early stage and building the story through content across channels. 


Eight years of business journalism and over five years of experience in marketing and strategic communication give me the ability to look at a business from the perspective of investors, founders, employees, and customers at the same time.


My recent passions include a deep interest in Web3, Decentralisation, and DAOs. The world of Crypto and Blockchain makes me beyond excited and I would go all-in if I find a project that I resonate with, in this space. 




Publications I write for

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Pick My Brain


Marketing Communication

Strategize all things marketing and communication for tech 


Interactive training on leadership communication and team building

Podcasts & Speaking

Curation and hosting of conferences, panels and podcasts 



"We hired Diksha as a copywriter for a corporate case study for a client in the HR tech space. Not only did she understand the product with ease, she was also fluid in demonstrating it in words and focusing on the target audience."


Maren Lesche, Founder, Startup Colors, Berlin

Read about my personal experiences with founders across the globe- first as a      full-time journalist who covered startups and venture capital funding for six years, and then working within startups globally and closely with founders. Bloomsbury UK and India will release my book on the startup ecosystem next year.