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You are the storyteller.


I am the person behind-the-scenes who loves observing details and spins-a-yarn out of granularities. I believe technology and product innovations will redefine the world economy.  Younger companies are the driving force for bigger corporations to innovate.


This is your story. You are the Hero of this script.

Let’s tell the story of your business to all stakeholders with a flavour of their taste. I am a writer and communication strategist, with an eye of a business journalist delivering answers to your audience.


I thrive on effective communication- written and spoken - to people and with people.

I believe that leadership communication coupled with a healthy team culture is the backbone of a company. People are the force that make organisations rise.    


Publications I write for

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Organisations  I've collaborated with


Pick My Brain


UX Copywriting

A concise, contextual and consistent microcopy for your product to increase user engagement


Interactive training on leadership communication and team building

Podcasts & Speaking

Curation and hosting of conferences, panels and podcasts 



"We hired Diksha as a copywriter for a corporate case study for a client in the HR tech space. Not only did she understand the product with ease, she was also fluid in demonstrating it in words and focusing on the target audience."


Maren Lesche, Founder, Startup Colors, Berlin

Read about my personal experiences with founders across the globe- first as a      full-time journalist who covered startups and venture capital funding for six years, and then working within startups globally and closely with founders. Bloomsbury UK and India will release my book on the startup ecosystem next year.