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Hello 👋🏼 I am a Berlin-based business journalist turned Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Creator, and published Author with Bloomsbury.

🎙 For the love of journalism and quality content, I produce podcasts for projects and founders who need a kickstart in their podcasting journey. So start your podcast with me. 

🎤 Being on stage is my comfort zone. I regularly moderate conferences and panels on tech, startups, and Web3 in Europe.


👩🏽‍🏫 I love teaching and conducting workshops on marketing and self-development. This started as my passion but soon became integral to my work-life. 
✍🏽I write a monthly newsletter on podcasting, content strategy, and tips from experts on building a career in Web3.

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Here are some of the present and past collaborations  for content creation, moderation, or marketing communication

Diksha Dutta .png

Diksha helped us launch the Web3 Unlocked Podcast, not only leading its production and marketing but also looking after its end-to-end workflows. We collaborated with her on guest onboarding, the distribution process, and content marketing across channels. It continues to be a great experience to work together.

Kenzi Wang, Partner, Symbolic Capital and Host, Web3 Unlocked 

 “Presenting technical content while providing practical value can be a challenge. As the moderator for our community panel, Diksha struck the right balance. Despite the subject matter, the discussion was easily digestible and relatable for all in attendance. ”

Michael Hunte, Director of Company Operations, DFINITY 

 “The internal communication session conducted by Diksha focused on high interaction by all participants and was a good team building activity. We had an entertaining experience and got some valuable insights into intercultural communications.”

Aklamio GmbH


Moderation and Speaking 

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