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I am a business journalist turned Marketer, Podcaster, and Creator. 
I produce podcasts for projects or founders who need a kickstart in their podcasting journey. 

I regularly moderate events on tech, startups, and Web3. 
Depending on the potential of the project, I consult on marketing strategies for startups in their growth phase.
I write a monthly newsletter on podcasting, personal growth & maximizing performance.

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This is me

First of all, I am a journalist at heart- I ask many questions, and I love communicating the answers to the world in an uncomplicated way.

Based in Berlin since 2017, I have been working as a Marketing Strategist for fast-growth tech companies- safe to say that is my sweet spot. I love being part of projects at an early stage and building the story through content across channels. 


Eight years of business journalism and over five years of experience in marketing and strategic communication give me the ability to look at a business from the perspective of investors, founders, employees, and customers at the same time.


Content Strategy  Writing  


Communication   Social Media

Events Content    Moderation  Creative Initiatives

What got me interested in Blockchain and Crypto? 

Two years back, I got into the rabbit hole of data privacy and ​realized the importance of decentralization -- one of the most important gateways to data ownership and data rights. 

With the generous support of the Ocean Protocol Foundation, the podcast "Voices of the Data Economy" was born. Here I interview founders in the crypto and blockchain space; tech policy experts; and pioneers in Decentralisation - all sharing their relationship with data.  My recent passions include a deep interest in Web3, Decentralisation, and DAOs. 

If you want to start a podcast in the Web3 space, contact me. 

Clients &


Here are some of the present and past collaborations  for content creation, moderation, or marketing communication

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