Podcasts and Public Speaking 

Eight years of business journalism and meeting over one hundred CEOs each year taught me one thing - big or small, most business models fundamentally face similar problems. It also gifted me with the ability to look at a business from the perspective of investors, founders, employees, and customers at the same time.

I am a journalist at heart- I ask a lot of questions and I love communicating the answers to the world.  I co-produce a podcast, moderate panels and events for projects that I believe in.  

Voices of the Data Economy Podcast


Voices of the Data Economy is a podcast supported by Ocean Protocol Foundation. In these episodes, I and my very talented co-host Nima Asghari bring to you the voices shaping the Data Economy and challenging it at the same time.


We talk about breaking down data silos and equalizing access to data for all.  Listen to all episodes here. 

International Tech Conferences 


Making technology understandable for a diverse audience is my sweet spot. I have been moderating panels on data-related topics, AI, Blockchain, Innovation at various conferences in Europe such as the AsiaBerlin Summit, Data Natives, IFA Global, DES Madrid, etc. 

Panel discussion Videos