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Why should you start a podcast as a founder or brand? 

  • Increased brand awareness: This is a no-brainer. Create the content your audience loves and let them discover you—no better place than a podcast to do this. 


  • Opportunities for thought leadership: Podcasts provide a platform for you or your brand to showcase expertise, share your ideas and insights, and position yourselves as leaders in the field.


  • Enhanced SEO: Podcasts can help to improve your brand's search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility in search results, as search engines favor audio and video content.


  • Marketing material for your channels: Break long-form podcast content into pieces for your social media channels, blogs, and newsletter. 


  • Community building: Podcasts can play a crucial role in community building by providing valuable content, fostering discussion, building a loyal following, creating a sense of belonging, and offering networking opportunities. 

Here is how I can help you to start a podcast...

  • Develop a concept and theme for the podcast

  • Define Target Group, Objectives and goals. 

  • Onboarding and scouting of guests 

  • Preparing questions and content for the podcast

  • Host it yourself, or join me as a cohost for your podcast

  • Production of podcast with your branding across platforms 

  • Providing a marketing plan & material to promote the podcast

  • Social media posts, short-form video content & blogs

Proof of Work for other brands  


Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor an episode for my upcoming podcast on Web3, reach out for details and a spot.

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