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What clients have to say?


Diksha helped us launch the Web3 Unlocked Podcast, not only leading its production and marketing but also looking after its end-to-end workflows. We collaborated with her on guest onboarding, the distribution process, and content marketing across channels. It continues to be a great experience to work together.

Kenzi Wang, Partner of Symbolic Capital & Host, Web3 Unlocked 


Diksha has been hosting and producing the Voices of the Data Economy Podcast since its launch in 2020. She has been very active in onboarding guests and putting effort into creating engaging content for this podcast. Her experience in journalism and marketing has been a great asset to us. 

Bruce Pon, Founder, Ocean Protocol Foundation 

Why start a podcast?

  • Increased brand awareness: This is a no-brainer. Create the content your audience loves and let them discover you—no better place than a podcast to do this. 


  • Opportunities for thought leadership: Podcasts provide a platform for you or your brand to showcase expertise, share your ideas and insights, and position yourselves as leaders in the field.


  • Enhanced SEO: Podcasts can help to improve your brand's search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility in search results, as search engines favor audio and video content.


  • Marketing material for your channels: Break long-form podcast content into pieces for your social media channels, blogs, and newsletter. 


  • Community building: Podcasts can play a crucial role in community building by providing valuable content, fostering discussion, building a loyal following, creating a sense of belonging, and offering networking opportunities. 

Here is how I can help you to start a podcast...

  • Develop a concept and theme for the podcast

  • Define Target Group, Objectives and goals. 

  • Onboarding and scouting of guests 

  • Preparing questions and content for the podcast

  • Host it yourself, or join me as a cohost for your podcast

  • Production of podcast with your branding across platforms 

  • Providing a marketing plan & material to promote the podcast

  • Social media posts, short-form video content & blogs

Proof of Work for other brands  


Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor an episode for my podcast Web3 Quest, reach out for details and a spot.

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